Dropship Your Shirts With Us!

With Good Friend Graphics we can give you the option of selling merchandise online without the hassle of carrying inventory!

We offer the opportunity for you to sell your merchandise at a price that YOU set on your website. Once the purchase is made, we will package and send the order to your customer. After the cost of the shirt is subtracted we will give you the difference in price.


How does it work?

1. You contact us with your design ideas and logos for your shirt. If you don't have any graphics, don't worry we can help.

2. Each design is accessed a one time fee of $30 ($50 for multiple colors) that goes towards initial setup and preparation.

3. We enroll your organization as an affiliate marketer so that you can be paid each time your shirt is purchased. 

4. You set the price so that you can control your own profits.

5. Within the next week we will contact you with a rendering of the shirt and the html code for embedding your product on your website and links so that you can add the shirt to your website and marketing efforts.

6. Your customers order your shirt, we ship it out, and you get paid!


How much does it cost?

 One time setup for each design

$30 for single color designs

$50 for multiple color designs

One Color Design (One Print Only) $10 per shirt
One Color Design (Front and Back) $12 per shirt
2 Color Design (One Print Only) $13 per shirt
2 Color Design (Front and Back) $15 per shirt
Full Color Design (One Print Only) $14 per shirt
Full Color Design (Front and Back) $17 per shirt


 Add-On Additional price
2XL $2 per shirt
3XL $3 per shirt
4XL $4 per shirt
Sleeve or Small Chest Print $1 per shirt
Custom Tags $1 per shirt


Typical pricing can be based on profit margin or base profit you would like to make per shirt. For example, if you let us know that you would like a profit of $5 per shirt we would simply add that amount to the price that your customer would see and that would be paid to you after each sale. (If you need to change your pricing for any reason it can easily be changed by contacting us).


What would the shirts look like on my website?

We have three options for how your shits can be presented on your website using html code provided for us.

Option A


Option B


Option C


 How do I get started?

Contact us at sales@goodfriendgraphics.com or (803)900-4242